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Meyer E-58H Snow Plow Pump

Current Version of the Meyer E-58H in black. Previous versions were yellow.

The E-58H is the new standard unit made by Meyer Products. It replaces all previous standard units. It shares many parts with the E-47 and E-57 pumps. Although it is an H model, it also replaces all standard units as well. Meyer only produces H units now. Why? Beginning with the MD II (Meyer Diamond 2) mounting system, the H unit is what was on it. The MD II evolved into the EZ Plus mount, which is now standard. The EZ Classic (with the lift hoop) has been discontinued, and the EZ Classic was the only "current" (not anymore) mount that used a standard lift hydraulic unit. So now we have the E-58H going forward. It is backwards compatible though, with some additional parts and modifications:

Coupler Kit - The E-58H no longer has couplers (as of April 2008). Since the whole plow assembly comes off so easily, there is no reason to have couplers. To use an E-58H on a Custom Classic or EZ Classic mount, you need to order Part# 08206. You also need a pair of hose adapters.

Lift Arm - Current production 10514 (used on the Custom Classic and EZ Classic) Lift Arms have a new hole to use an E-58H already drilled in them. The 10514 Lift Arms are still used on the Drive Pro 6' 8" plows. To upgrade from an E-47, E-57, or E-60, you must drill a new hole as shown in the diagram below.


          E-58H Hydraulic Carton With Pistol Grip Controller

SKU: M15988

E-58H Hydraulic Carton With Pistol Grip Controller

15988 E-58H Hydraulic Carton. Includes: E-58H unit, 10" PA Rams with hoses, Wiring, and Pistol Grip Controller! Click on More Info....

LIST PRICE $2323.49

Our Price - $2000.00 SALE PRICE $1699.00

Manufacturer: Genuine MeyerŽ



Here is an exploded view of the E-58H with a list of part numbers.
You can click on the part numbers to order them at or just see the price.


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